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Commission a Portrait

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Thank you for taking the first step in the exciting process of creating an enduring work of art, one that can be enjoyed for generations to come. 

The next step is to have a discussion regarding the expectations and goals of the project. Pricing is contingent on the size of the picture, the number of figures in the picture, and the complexity of the subjects.

Once all the details have been sorted we can begin the creative process. I work from photography, this is convenient for both myself and the client. We will need a photo that captures the desired personal qualities and mood of the intended subject. If you do not have a photo in your personal collection, we can arrange to meet for a photo shoot (NYC area) or you can arrange to have a photo taken. I would be happy to guide you or collaborate with a photographer of your choice. 

Once we have a photo of the subject that achieves the desired expression and mood, the work can begin. I will provide a series of photos of the picture to chronicle the phases of its development. 

I require a 30% down payment (negotiable depending on overall price) and then installments as the work proceeds. A payment plan covering an extended period of time can be arranged, including post delivery of the piece, after a certain percentage has been fulfilled.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions - by phone/text (347) 834-4415 or email -

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